The Functionality and Aesthetic of Good Design ...

Sharrah Design Group, Inc. is a fully integrated design firm offering Survey, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, and Interior/Exterior Design services all under one roof.  Sharrah Design group can take your project from concept to reality with an appreciation for your vision and the technical know-how to make it work.   From the practical to the extravagant, no job is too big or too small. We are committed to your satisfaction by providing superior services at a practical price.  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Sharrah Design Group, Inc.  Our commitment is to serving your needs and helping you achieve your design goals.

Sharrah Design Group, Inc. (SDGI) employs a team of ten (10) individuals. They include a registered Professional Land Surveyor, a registered Professional Engineer and a registered Landscape Architect. Total combined experience of these professionals exceeds seventy five (75) years. 

SDGI performs land surveys, topographic surveys, site designs, water and sewer system designs, storm drain and stormwater management, landscape architecture, Environmental and PennDOT permitting and processing for residential, commercial and industrial projects, geographic information system mapping and database preparation.

Robert A. Sharrah, president of the company, has been practicing land surveying, land planning and design since graduating from the Pennsylvania State University in 1975.  Since 1996, SDGI has completed many subdivision and land development plans with a focus on design and compliance.  We have designed stormwater management and sediment control, sewage pumping stations, gravity collection systems, water distribution systems, storm drain systems and bridges, as well as numerous PennDOT highway occupancy permit projects.  We are well versed in compliance matters for sewage management, storm drainage and environmental permitting related to land development.  As the company continues to expand, SDGI continues to successfully take on new challenges and expand the range of services provided.